Saint Mary of the Angels 2nd August

images(1)Portiuncula‘THIS IS THE PLACE WHERE A NEW ARMY OF POOR ONES,UNDER THE LEADERSHIP OF FRANCIS,HAD ITS HAPPY BEGINNINGS,SO THAT IT CLEARLY SEEMED THAT THE MOTHER OF MERCIES GAVE BIRTH TO BOTH FAMILIES IN HER DWELLING PLACE’ legend of  Saint Clare                                                                       The chapel of the Portiuncula, built possibly in the 9th century ,was one of four chapels repaired by Francis  at the beginning of his gospel life. There too Saint Clare came on the night of Palm Sunday, and promised poverty and obedience to Francis and joined the early band of brothers.  Francis loved this chapel most particularly ,and asked that there always be brothers there who would give an example to all others. He told them never to leave this chapel and if they were driven out of the door to come back through the window!  In fact the chapel belonged to the Benedictines of Monte  Subasio  who rented it to Francis for a basket of fish a year . ( a custom which still continues) in 1216 Francis asked Pope Innocent III to grant a pardon to all who came there seeking forgiveness. this Pardon has been extended to all Franciscan Churches.   To obtain the pardon recite the Lord’s Prayer go to Sacramental Confession ,receive Holy Communion and pray for the Pope’s intention .Here at the Poor Clare Monastery we will have  Holy Mass at 8.00 am Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament at 10.00 am –  11.oo am. In the afternoon at 4.30 – 5.30 pm . Do come and spend some time in Adoration and Prayer.  We will Have Evening Prayer at 5.30pm. 

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