Saint John of Capistrano 23rd October

Born in 1386.John’s period in history didn’t lack excitement. The Great Western Schism , the Hundred Years’ War and the fall of Constantinople all occurred in his lifetime.

He studied law at the university of Perugia and became a lawyer in Naples.Appointed governor of Perugia before he was thirty,John brought peace and justice to the region . As governor he was thrown into prison during a civil war . There He re -examined his life and decided to become a Franciscan .which he did in 1416.                                                                     He and James of the Marches studied Theology under Bernadine of Siena. After his ordination in 1425 ,he began a successful preaching career in Italy.Large crowds heard him praise the beauty of God ‘s way and expose the ugliness of sin .So great was John’s impact that cities petitioned the Pope to send John to them . His nickname,” The Apostle of Europe”, was well deserved as he travelled throughout Italy .Germany, Bohemia ,Austria ,Hungary ,Poland, and Russia preaching penance and establishing numerous communities of Franciscan renewal.                                                                                                                              Pope Eugene IV was especially grateful for John’s wise advice.When the schismatic Council of Basel elected an anti-pope , John worked vigorously against popular support for that choice. The Church sent him to Northern Italy to counter the heretical groups there and he went to Bohemia to reconcile the Hussites.                                                                           John was a significant influence within the order. Because of his preaching many young men joined the friars in Italy. He declined the bishopric of Aquila and later of Rieti.               at the direction of Pope Callistus III, John preached a crusade to save western Europe from the Turks,who were advancing from recently conquered Constantinople 1453 , last outpost of the decimated Bysantine Empire. The Christians won a decisive victory at Belgrade in 1456. Worn out by that crusade , John died on October 23rd 1456 and was canonised in 1690.

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