Saint Francis Solano Feast Day 14th July.

Francis was born at Montilla ,in the Diocese of Cordova , Spain on 10thMarch 1549.When Francis was twenty years old , he was received into the Franciscan Order  at Montilla ,and after his ordination, several years later he was sent by his superiors to the convent of Arifazza  as master of novices. In 1589 he sailed from Spain to the New World ,and having landed at Panama, crossed the isthmus and embarked on a vessel that was to convey him to Peru. His missionary labours in South America extended over a period of twenty years, during which time he spared no fatigue , shrank from no sacrifice however great, and feared no danger that stood in the way of evangelising  the vast and savage regions of Tucuman and Paraguay. So successful indeed ,was his apostolate that he has been aptly styled the Thaumaturgus of the New World. Notwithstanding the number and difficulty of the dialects spoken by the Indians, he learned them all in a very short time, and it is said that he often addressed tribes of different tongues in one language and was understood by them all . Besides being engaged in active missionary work .he filled the office of custos of the convents of his order in Tucuman and Paraguay .and later was elected guardian of the Franciscan convent in Lima ,Peru In 1610 ,while preaching at TruxillohSaint Francis Solano he foretold the calamities that were to befall that city,which was destroyed by an earthquake eight years later, most of the inhabitants perishing in the ruins. The death of Saint Francis,which he himself had foretold ,was the cause of general grief throughout Peru. In  his funeral sermon at the burial; Father Sebastiani, S,J .said that” Divine Providence had chosen   Father Francis Solano to be the hope and edification of all Peru, the example and glory of Lima and the splendour of the Seraphic Order”. Saint Francis was beatified by Clement X,in 1675 ,and canonised by Benedict XIII 1726.

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