Saint Anthony of Padua 13th June

Saint Anthony Of PaduaThere is perhaps no more loved and admired saint in the Catholic Church than Saint Anthony of Padua, a Doctor of the Church.  though his work was in Italy, he was born in Portugal. He first joined the Augustinian Order and then left it and joined the Franciscan Order in 1221,when he was 26 years old. the reason he became a Franciscan was because of the death of the five Franciscan  protomartyrs – St. Berard St. Peter, St. Otho, St. Accursius,and St. Adjutus—who shed their blood for the Catholic Faith in the year 1220,in Morocco, in North Africa ,and whose headless and mutilated bodies had been brought to Saint Anthony’s monastery on their way back for burial. saint Anthony Became a Franciscan in the hope of shedding his own blood and becoming a martyr. He lived only ten years after joining the Franciscan Order . He was appointed to the convent of Mount Paolo. in 1222 on a visit to Forli with several other Friars, he was put under obedience to preach the sermon at an Ordination ,everyone else having declined to do it. He began rather hesitantly but gradually grew more animated so that his learning and eloquence became evident to the surprise of his brethren.  From that time on he began his preaching ministry. so simple and resounding was his teaching of the Catholic Faith ,the most unlettered and innocent being able to understand it, that he was made a Doctor of the Church by Pope Pius XII in 1946. Saint Anthony was only 36 years old when he died . He is called the “hammer of the heretics”.  His great protection against their lies and deceits in the matter of the Christian Doctrine was to utter the Holy Name of Mary.  Saint Anthony wanted to profess the Catholic Faith with his mind and heart at every moment. He is typically depicted with a book ,and the Infant Child Jesus  who miraculously appeared to him . He is commonly referred today as” the finder of lost articles “.He was canonised less than a year after his death.

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