Your vocation

If you feel you may be called to live this particular form of Gospel life, you should begin by asking for God’s guidance in prayer. You probably won’t get a blinding revelation of what He wants from you, but if you really want what He wants, and take reasonable steps to find out what it is, you will somehow come to an inner conviction about what His plans are for your life. Just proceed with one step at a time.

You can write to Mother Abbess at this address:

Poor Clare Monastery,
Much Birch,

Alternatively you could write to the Mother Abbess of another Monastery of our federation which may be nearer to you:

Monastery Of Poor Clares,  155 Main Street, Askham Bryan, York

YO 23,3QS

Monastery of Poor Clares , 102 Galley  lane, Arkley , Barnet. Herts EN5 4An

Convent of Poor Clares ,Crossbush , Arundel, West Sussex BN18 9 PJ

Monastery of Poor Clares , Lynton ,North Devon , EX 35 6 BX




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