Order of the Day

In our community there is a regular pattern to the day.

5.45 am    Rise

6.30 am    Meditation

7.30 am    Morning Prayer (Prayer of the Church)

8.00 am    Mass

8.45 am    Little hour (Prayer of the Church)

9.00 am    Breakfast

9.30 am    Work

11.00 am   Tea or Coffee Break

12.00         2nd Little hour followed by the Rosary

12.30 pm   Dinner followed by the 3rd Little hour

Time for some rest and spiritual reading

3.30 pm   Tea, followed by Work

4.45 pm    Hour of Eucharistic Adoration

5.45 pm    Evening Prayer

6.30 pm    Collation (evening meal) and recreation

7.30 pm    Office of readings followed by Night Prayer

9.00 pm    Retire for sleep

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