Peace for our World

The Angels salutation “Glory to God in the Highest and Peace to His people on Earth” Our true peace is God’s gift. Only realised when we know and acknowledge that we are His creatures created by Him. His Love becomes visible in Jesus. Who came into our human condition to lead us back to the original purpose for our creation . To share in the very life of God.

Reflection on John Glynn’s  hymn                                                                              Peace is the gift of heaven to earth ,  softly enfolding our fears.                              Peace is the gift of Christ to the world ,given for us.                                                He  is the Lamb who bore the pain of peace.    

Peace is the gift of Christ to his church ,wound of the lance of his love.                                      Love  is the pain he suffered for all, offered to us;                                                                   ,    Oh to accept the wound that brings us peace!

Joy is the gift the Spirit imparts, born of the heavens and   earth.                      We are his children , children of joy, people of God;                                               He is our Lord , our peace , our love , our Joy !                                                            Our world needs this peace so badly ; This peace is possible if we all pray to the God of Peace . Mercy and forgiveness. especially this Jubilee Year of Mercy.                                             

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