Franciscan Feasts February 7th.

Franciscan Saint Saint Collette

Franciscan Saint
Saint Collette

Saint Colette , a Poor Clare Nun of the 15th century France, was born to childless parents when her mother was in her 60th year. Because of this remarkable event, she is invoked by childless couples desiring to become parents.                                                                    Her   extraordinary intervention for a woman dying in childbirth has made her likewise the patroness of  expectant mothers and her multiple wonders on behalf of sick infants have inspired parents to turn to her in this need also.

In the tenderness of His mercy, God Has granted special intercessory powers to this  cloistered Poor Clare Saint on behalf of childless couples, expectant mothers, and ailing children.                                                                                                                                               Saint Colette will listen with love and compassion to all who invoke her. Like all contemplatives, her heart is wide and ready to hold the griefs of the world.                  Prayer to Saint Colette  O glorious St. Colette, I beseech thee through the burning love which inflamed thy heart for Jesus in the Most Holy Sacrament, Through the marvellous graces with which He  enriched thee and the loving compassion thou didst bear to Him in His bitter sufferings, obtain from Him for me my requests, which  I hope to receive through thy powerful intercession. Amen .                                                                              The Blessing of  St.  Colette

May the Father in His mercy,  And the son by His Passion , And the Holy Spirit fountain of peace, and of sweetness and of love,  Fill you with every consolation, Amen.

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