Fidelis of Sigmaringen feast day 24th April

Fidelis was born in 1577, at Sigmaringen ,Prussia. He pursued his studies at the university of Freiburg in the Breisgau. and in 1604 became tutor to Wilhelm von Stotzingen ,with whom he travelled in France and Italy. In the process of Fidelis’s canonisation Wilhelm bore witness to the severe mortifications his tutor practised on these journeys. In 1611 he returned to Freiburg to take the doctorate in canon and civil law, and at once began to practise as an advocate.But the open corruption ,which he found in the law courts , determined him to relinquish that profession and to enter the Church.                       He was ordained priest the following year ,and immediately afterwards was received into the Order of Friars Minor of the Capuchin Reform at Freiburg,taking the name of Fidelis . From the novitiate he was sent to Constance to finish his studies in theology under Father John Baptist ,a Polish friar of great repute for learning and holiness.  At the conclusion of his theological studies , Fidelis was appointed guardian of the community at Rheinfelden, later to Freiburg and Feldkirch. As a precher his burning zeal earned for him a great reputation.                                                                                                In 1621 he was appointed to undertake a mission in the country of the Grisons ,where he was martyred He ws beatified in 1729 ,and canonised in 1745

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