Daily Reflections in the spirit of Saint clare

Icon of Saint Clare

Sunday  ;  “Give us this day our daily bread:your beloved Son, our Lord Jesus Christ…” ( Saint  Francis)                   

Lord ,today is special, a day to see you in those around me,a day to rest with you and have my spirit renewed.   
I thank you for the gift of your humble presence in the little form of bread ..    Amen   
Monday  ;”Love one another with the charity of Christ ,and let the love which you have in your hearts be shown outwardly by your deeds”.    (Testament of Saint Clare)
Lord ,help me be a bridge to help someone over a difficulty-
some pain ,or grief, or loneliness.
Let your love be in my heart and cross from me to them.     A men.
Tuesday      ” all praise be yours ,my Lord ,through Sister earth our Mother…with coloured flowers and herbs.” (St.Francis )
Lord, give me gentle hands to nurture life, receptive eyes to see surrounding beauty,attentive ears to hear the song of life,a heart filled with gratitude for all life’s gifts.  Amen. 
Wednesday;  “I thank you Lord for creating me.”  ( Saint Clare )
Help me to see myself as you see me,life giving God .  you made me as I am; you delight in my creation.You do not ask me to be strong,you simply ask me to be yours, I thank you , dear Lord .
Thursday ;  “Each one should make known her needs with confidence to the other; for if a mother loves and nourishes her child according to the flesh, how much more lovingly must not a sister love and nourish her sister according to the Spirit.”  (St. Clare ,Rule)
Abba, Father, I look to you holding in my arms all whom I now think of ; friends ,family, those I have heard about in conversation, on the news, anyone who needs to be thought of. I look to You with trust and confidence that You will hold them with me.  Amen.
Friday ; “look upon Him who for you became despised and follow Him,though you become despised for His sake in this world.”    (Second letter of St. Clare )
You are light , enfold me.
You are darkness ,embrace me.
you are pain ,hollow me.
You are love, overflow me.
the storms of change are you
and all peace of tranquil water.
you are all these things and I thank You, dear God.  Amen.
Saturday;   ” Cling to His most Sweet Mother , who begot a Son whom the Heavens could not contain; and yet she carried Him in the little cloister of her holy womb, and held Him on her maidenly lap.”  (3rd Letter of St. Clare)
Mary ,gentle mother, be my teacher- for the quiet times of my life, the silences when nothing great seems to happen.
let me ripen in the gentle sun of God’s love for me ,and bear fruit that brings joy and light to others.  Amen
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