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  1. Paul John Ablaza says:

    Dearest Poor Clares,
    Warm Greetings from Manila, the Philippines!
    I pray that you and the rest of the community are well as you read my letter. I am Paul John L. Ablaza, I am a Cardiologist from the University of Santo Tomas Hospital in Manila. I wrote to you to ask help from you about our dear intercessors. I know you are the best to be asked about this.
    As a physician, I bring the stories of Saints, Blesseds and those good examples of true faith to our patients in order to bring hope to our patients and give them an example of how to live and suffer as a good Christian. Sick patients need physical reassurance. They need something that is tangible in order for them to believe. Thus, I bring to them relics of saints too. These relics reassure them that once there was a real person, who suffered and walked this earth and was rewarded with relief and heaven. I want them to learn that like the saints, blessed, and martyrs, they suffered and offered each pain to the Lord and in the end, reunited with our creator in heaven. Patients may suffer in different way as the saints, blesseds and martyrs, but I know that the triumphant church can teach them on how to align their pains to that of the pains of our Lord Jesus in the cross, and in so doing we may bring them closer to our Lord.
    I hope I can bring the relic of our dear  intercessors to our patients. In this regard, may I beg from you if your monastery has relics that are not anymore laced in veneration that we may solicit. I have been ending this email to many Poor Clares monasteres worldwide. I hope our patients may venerate these relics as we bring it to them for their veneration. I promise that these relics will be well taken cared off and venerated amongst our individual patients. I hope you can help us with this. I promise that this will be placed to proper veneration and I hope this will make them more known to all our sick patients and help their postulations. I know the recent stories about the abuses of relics in our country, but I hope to reassure you that these relics that we are requesting will be for the benefit of our patients.. I know that you will be the best person to help us with this. I hope that our santos will pray for this and touch your heart to say yes. I hope that you will share with us their relic.

    Thank you.
    Respectfully yours,
    License Number 120465
    Home Address: 2173 Interior 4 Fidel Reyes Street, Malate, Manila 1004 Philippines

    Office Address: Heart Station, Second Floor Private Division, University of Santo Tomas Hospital, Espana Boulevard, Sampaloc, Manila 1015 Philippines

    • Editor says:

      Dear Paul John
      Thank you for your letter. We will look into the question of the relics . Bless you for the great work you do and we will pray for you and for your patients
      God bless you
      Sister M . Josephine

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